Studio Pros + Taxi = 90% Better Chances for Song Placements

Did you know that 9 out of 10 artists who have used Studio Pros’ music production service and submitted to had their songs forwarded to record labels and music supervisors?

In case you didn’t know, is a service that connects independent musicians like you with record label personnel, music supervisors who place songs in TV shows and movies, and other industry people who are always looking for new music. Studio Pros conducted a survey of 10 customers who used our music production services for their songs and discovered that artists–even those who previously had major difficulty in getting their songs forwarded to industry folk by–were now finding it much easier to get their music passed along after using Studio Pros. In fact, as I mentioned above, 9 out of 10 artists noticed this improvement!

We were very proud to hear this, not only because it means we’ve helped lots of indie musicians take a huge career step, but because it further reinforces our belief that it is incredibly important to have a professional quality recording of your music before you try to shop it around. There are many reasons for this… Here are two that directly relate to

You can’t just give a music supervisor what you already have

It’s really important to tailor a song’s production to the specific needs of a music supervisor who is trying to place a certain type of song in a film or show. If you simply present what you already have to a supervisor, the chances are slim that you just happen to have a song that fits their needs exactly. And if you don’t, you’re out of luck–that supervisor is going to go with someone else’s song (probably a song that was recorded specifically for that circumstance). However, if you record your song based on the music supervisor’s needs, you’re far more likely to be considered over the competition. With Studio Pros’ full music production services, we’ll help you get the exact product you need so you can be confident it’s what the music supervisor wants.

Your song’s quality had better hold up when compared to radio hits

Another reason to have a top-quality recording is because you’ll be competing with other artists…  Artists who also have great recordings. Even if a music supervisor loves your song, he won’t pick it if it’s not recorded in broadcast quality. Most of them don’t want to re-record a song–they’ll simply pick their next best option that sounds up to par with all the other music on the radio. Therefore, it is imperative that your song’s recording stands up to the best!

With an increase in success for 90% of our customers, we think the statistic speaks for itself when it comes to the importance of a great recording. Today is the day to start recording the professional album that will get your music on the big screen!

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