Studio Pros Success Stories

So many Studio Pros artists have achieved musical success after producing their songs with us.  Here are just a few examples:

Matt Ryd recorded his album with Studio Pros and got his song placed on an episode of Scrubs.
Barb Bechler continues to pile up a list of song placements and songwriting awards.
Robert Norris signed a deal with a music library to license the songs he recorded with us.
Andy Kostek had his Studio Pros songs played on BBC radio.
James Robinson found a manager using his Studio Pros recordings.
David Alter decided to take his Studio Pros-produced album and launch his own record label.

Our artists are making money from their music, a dream that many of them weren’t sure they could accomplish before they started recording with us. Even if you think your songs just aren’t good enough, with a little direction and the right production you’ll probably discover what your music’s full potential is. Just take Tim Knighton—he had some great lyrics and a great melody, but only a rough idea for what his song should sound like.  Then Studio Pros turned it into a fully-realized, professional production that opened new musical doors for him (click here to view the step-by-step making of his production).  We even had an artist that reached #12 on the Billboard charts!

Studio Pros has helped countless musicians get their foot in the door with a professional music production.

Are you ready to launch your music career? Upload your song for a FREE consultation with a Studio Pros producer.

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