Thank you.

Thanksgiving 2020. This one is going down in the history books my friends. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday. This year we have been challenged to wade through some unprecedented times of uncertainty and change. We are so thankful for our wonderful clients who have stood by us and continued to work on musical projects during this pandemic!

For each production project and track project you have worked on, you have made a real musician do a happy dance.

*We are thankful for the opportunity to safely collaborate with our wonderful clients from all over the world and continue to record music.

*We are thankful for the outlet of creativity that music has brought us through challenging times.

*We are thankful for our wonderful team of talented session musicians, producers, engineers, behind the scene tech staff and beyond.

Please enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday! Our office will be closed Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26th and back open Black Friday Nov. 27th.

Don’t miss our Black Friday Week SALES happening this week.

Be well! Keep on writing!

In Music,

The StudioPros Team

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