Help! I Need A Session Player…


There’s a reason that guitarists should stick to their guitars and songwriters should stick to their songwriting…

Sometimes it’s better to go to studio musician for some outside recording help. Outside ears can bring attention to the minor flaws you may have in your home recordings that you’ve unconsciously brushed aside as being “good enough”. Studio Pros is the best place to outsource all of your musical needs. This allows you to be creative without the time consuming effort of trying to do everything by yourself at your home studio.

The music industry is changing! Now anyone off the street can go and record a song with their home equipment and post it on their myspace page and call themselves an “artist”, but what is being lost in this process is quality.

I must admit, I have the same problem. I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to do it all on my own; writing, engineering, grueling over a bass line (and let me be honest, I’m a terrible bass player), playing keys, guitar…whatever it takes. When I go back and listen to my self-produced albums I have to be honest with myself and say, “this really could be a lot better”.

Let a studio musician take care of that guitar part you’ve been trying to get out. Hire a session bassist to play that line that you’ve been trying to have your talented slacker musician friend record. Studio Pros is your best friend when it comes to meeting your musical goals and producing your music. Don’t wait around anymore. Get it done. And to top it off, get it done quickly and professionally at a low cost. What more could you ask for?

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