The #1 Reason People Love Studio Pros

We used to think that the best thing about Studio Pros was our roster of world-class session musicians. In fact, I recently wrote a post about how to get the most out of our players and explained why they are such an amazing resource to musicians and songwriters all over the world.

But they’re not actually the thing that musicians like best about our service.

When we asked some of our artists why they love Studio Pros, most of them told us that it was because they don’t need to invest a lot of time when they use us to record their albums.

A lot of Studio Pros artists, like many aspiring musicians and songwriters, have a lot on their plate–families, day jobs, all sorts of obligations that make it really hard to devote a huge chunk of their time to pursuing their musical dreams.  All you need to do is read about some of our featured Studio Pros artists to see that most of them don’t start out as professional, full-time musicians. But luckily, none of them let that get in the way of recording the album they’ve always dreamed of making.

Instead of saying, “I just don’t have time to record an album, I have a job and a family so I should just give up on the dream,” these artists said, “I don’t have much time to record an album, so I’m gonna find a way to do it without taking away from paying the bills or spending time with my family.”

And boy are they glad they said that. Because they were proactive, they found Studio Pros and got done what they never thought they could. If these artists had kept saying that they’d never have time to record an album, they’d still be wondering if their music career would ever get a chance.

Some of our clients have been clever about how they fit Studio Pros into their schedules. We’ve even heard stories of some of them working on their production while they were at work–so I guess that means they were technically getting paid to make music! We’re always glad to be a part of that!

If a lack of time is your biggest excuse for not making a great production from your songs, I’m here to tell you that it’s no longer an excuse you have to make.  Studio Pros can bring your dreams to reality on your own schedule, without cutting into family time.  Call us today to start recording a professional album you’ll be proud of.

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