Featured Artist: Megan Rathwell

Since the snow is starting to fly in certain parts of the world and winter is upon us, I figured, why not send out a little bit of sunshine your way? We’ve recently finished the production of a really catchy pop/upbeat summer song called “Summer Break”. It seems a bit odd to be writing about a summer song in the dead of winter, but our songwriter Megan Rathwell was thinking ahead by getting her song produced and finished well before… [Read More]

Preparing your music for release.

So you have written a good song and have had it professionally produced. Now what? This is a question that I think most songwriters struggle with. What are the next steps that we need to take to get our music in the right hands or how do we digitally distribute our music online? The ease of releasing your material as an independent artist these days is amazing. With the advancements in technology and the internet, anyone can release their material… [Read More]

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