Lovin’ Talk by Jim Driscoll

Jim has been using StudioPros the past 3 years to bring his songs to life. This time. Jim brought us a love song and was after a melodic ambient sound, chime guitares and powerful roomy drums. Craig Durrance, StudioPros Producer, gave him the reference track of the song “Myth” by Beach House.

Selecting a good reference track, according to Craig, “shapes the feel of the song, and helps the producer, musicians and artist to be on the same page throughout the process”. Finding the right reference track is the key starting point for every production.

Listen to Jim’s final song:

We started with an acoustic guitar sketch, followed by drums and bass. By the time the final keys were laid down we could hear the song take shape. Jim commented:

“I pretty much always love what the musicians do at Studio Pros but this ranks up there as one of the most unexpected and magnificently different and beautiful tracks I have had you guys do for me. I didn’t know the guitar could sound like that!”

Most of the tracking was done perfectly the first take. We had to retake the vocals with Alice because the first take sounded a bit too much like Beach house and we felt they needed to be more unique and more emotional. The second take was much better. It was much more her own and less of an imitation of the reference track.

This song is part of Jim’s next release which will be in the summer. If you have a song that you want to produce with our team, give us a call at 310-928-7776.

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