Buying Yet Another Piece of Gear vs. Recording Your Song With Studio Pros

Technology can be a great tool. It can help you come up with your next masterpiece, and it can give you the means of recording your latest creation.  And I don’t know about you, but it sure does make me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I buy a shiny new piece of gear for my home studio.

That is, until I plug it in.  You see, technology is something of a double-edged sword.  Even though buying new gear is really fun, it also means you have to invest a ton of time into learning how to use it well. That’s why the fuzzy feeling starts fading as soon as my new piece of gear is out of the box.  I’m faced with the daunting task of the dreaded musical equipment learning curve, something I may have time to get the hang of, but rarely have the time to master.

And there’s the real kicker–even when you get used to using new gear, it still takes a lot of time, experience, trial and error to be able to use it to its maximum potential the way a top professional would. While it would certainly be nice to get to that point eventually, I don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the recording I’m doing now to work towards the goal of great recordings later.

It’s because of this that technology, while seemingly freeing initially, can really put unnecessary limits on your song’s production and ruin your creative process!  Talk about a catch-22… Every minute you spend figuring out how to maximize your gear’s potential is taken away from time you could have spent composing, creating, and expanding your artistic horizons.

There is, of course, the obvious solution to this dilemma: put your music in the hands of a professional who already knows what they’re doing with today’s best technology.  But that sure sounds easier said than done–it’s not like you can just hand your stuff over to a Grammy-nominated engineer who will mix and master it to radio broadcast standards without forking over your life savings, right?

Happily, I can tell you that you really can do that–and for a lot less money than you’d expect. Studio Pros gets your music into the able hands of Grammy-nominated engineers for a very affordable price, and you get results quickly. In fact, it costs less than most high-end audio gear, so you’re saving money and time for a product you probably wouldn’t get on your own in the first place.

Think about your musical goals. If you want to have a great sounding album of your own, you should do what the top artists do: they don’t buy another keyboard or a new software title. In fact, some of the most successful artists in the world may have never touched professional music gear in their entire lives! They simply hire the best session players, engineers and producers they can find. You can do that too, with the help of Studio Pros.  Call today to get started on the album you’ve always dreamed of recording.

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