Featured Artist: Spiderhound

This month’s featured artist is New Jersey based artist Spiderhound. Since 2009, we have produced 6 tracks together. Today is the release date of his latest EP Dopamine through ILL Gates’ Producer Dojo label. CONGRATS!

On this release, StudioPros teamed up with Spiderhound to write topline (lyrics and melody) to his produced instrumentals. The end result are infectious melodies with hooky and memorable lyrics.

Spiderhound’s Experience with StudioPros

I first got involved with StudioPros back in 2009. I came across the service online and wanted to try it out to test the service and see how good the finished product would be.

My latest partnership with StudioPros was for topline services.  I submitted my fully produced tracks for the vocalists to listen to and come up with topline based on my suggested theme. I didn’t know any quality vocalists in my town so StudioPros was the clear choice.  The vocalists are incredibly talented and professional and the recorded finished production that you deliver made my mixing process easy.  The variety of vocalists is impressive too.  There are so many styles to choose from.

The StudioPros process is incredibly intuitive, streamlined and easy.  Every project that I worked on was expertly handled and the results always exceeded my expectations.

Detach, Spiderhound Dopamine EP : Topline and Vocals by StudioPros vocalist Evan

Get It, Spiderhound Dopamine EP: Topline and Vocals by StudioPros vocalist Ashley

Finding the perfect vocalist to write topline for your song.

SpiderhoundMy guidance for Ashley on “Get It” was to come up with topline about going out to a club on a Saturday night with the goal of having the time of her life with friends.  Ashley did an incredible job.  I was blown away by her lyrics and performance.  For Detach, my guidance for Evan was to focus on the theme of detachment.

Evan knocked it out of the park with “Detach” delivering an incredibly emotional performance that gave me the chills. I wanted both of the artists to resonate emotionally with the content so that they can give their best performances.  I gave them completely free reign to come up with any lyrics that they like.  I did not micromanage their lyrics at all and I’m so glad that I gave them that freedom as it resulted in top notch performances.

Find out more about Spiderhound:

“Dopamine” EP release on ILL Gates’ Producer Dojo label that will be available today: https://fanlink.to/spiderhound

Web:   www.spiderhound.com

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