We Could All Use Some Holiday Humor

Tim Tim Tye is a client that I have worked with for the past 5 years, producing over an album’s worth of material. I just had to share one of our latest collaborations, “Retail at Christmas.” When Tim approached me with this song, I was excited to work on a more comical song for the holidays. A lot of us get overwhelmed this time of year and, let’s be honest, not everything is always fairy dust and smiles.

“Retail at Christmas” is a satirical song about box store sales, the holiday rush and the people that work behind the scenes. I really love how the StudioPros production team added hints of Christmas nostalgia into the production. Holiday bells kick off the song with the Jingle Bells melody, chimes–even the Salvation Army bell sampled in the recording.

We went with a full band production, including live drums, bass, guitars, and keyboards with auxiliary sweetening sounds. Tim recorded his own vocals locally, and the StudioPros engineers mixed and mastered those in. What Nicole brought to the song with her backing vocals was the perfect quirky icing on this well crafted song’s cake.

Retail At Christmas, Produced By StudioPros

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We will share some sweet uplifting Christmas songs next. We have so many to share!

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Happy Holidays from The StudioPros Team

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