Transform Your Song With StudioPros Vocals Services

Have you written a great song, but are falling short when it comes to delivering a professional vocal? We can help! StudioPros vocalists can perform in any style ranging from pop, rock, gospel, country, R&B and more. We have a stable of vocal talent that can help you take your demo from mediocre to radio ready!

Check out our latest video testimonial from Jay Croft and his experience with StudioPros rock vocalists Aiden and Nicole. Jay provided our team with a scratch vocal, a well produced instrumental and the final lyrics. Within 48 hours, we delivered pro rock vocals so that he could do the final mixing himself.

BEFORE StudioPros Vocalist Services (Jay’s Vocal Guide):

AFTER StudioPros Vocal Services (featuring Aiden and Nicole):

We have recently added Kevin and Davey to our team of talented session vocalists. Let’s welcome them to the team with a vocalist sale!

To listen to our available vocalists and place an order online:

If you’d like help placing an order, contact an available producer today at: 1-310-928-7776

  • no limit to # of promo vocals placed
  • order now, upload files later
  • 48 hour guarantee not valid for promo vocals
  • offer valid 04/12/2018 – 04/16/2018 at midnight
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