Tips for Shooting Quality Footage

After you’re ready with your storyboard, here are some tips for getting a high quality footage:

IMG_37831. Determine what sort of video production you’re going for.

Depending on the type of video production you’re going for, you can hand hold your camera (producing a slight “shaky” cam type shot) or put your camera on a tripod for a more steady solid shot.

If you’re going for the more raw hand held look, try to steady the camera as much as possible.  Using a combination of the 2 methods is sometimes the best way to go to get diverse footage for editing.  You can do several takes of the song with both methods to give the editors plenty of footage to work with.

2. Shooting your video outdoors where there’s a lot of natural light is best.

Filming indoors usually requires some extra lighting to produce a satisfactory image.  You can also explore with higher ISO settings in low light situations to give a more grainy look to the film.  The movie “300” is a good example of high ISO shooting.

3. Sync your live footage to your music.

When filming, your song should be playing in the background so you can line it up perfectly with the tempo of your recording. Don’t worry about the quality of your vocals while recording, or any background noise during the shoot. This will be replaced with your professionally produced song during post processing.  It’s important to actually sing while you’re shooting, otherwise the footage may look like you’re simply lip syncing.

4. We recommend hiring a professional videographer or photographer.

IMG_4363A helping hand is always useful, and they have the experience and knowledge to use high quality lenses and camera equipment to get high quality results. Renting expensive equipment probably isn’t the best approach if you don’t know what you’re doing!  Putting that money towards a professional might be a better approach to get the best bang for your buck.

Professional photographers and videographers will also be able to make sure the lighting and settings that you choose to shoot in are the best. It’s always helpful to have a second opinion as far as the creative side goes to developing the shots in the best way to tell the story for your music video.

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