Why You Don’t Need 12 Finished Songs to Start Recording Your Album

You probably have an amazing album inside you, just waiting to burst out. The funny thing is, you might not even realize it yet… Sure, you know you have a lot of great musical ideas and a whole lot of untapped creativity swirling around inside your head. But a whole album might seem like something that you won’t be able to tackle until you have 12 fully realized songs ready to go.

But the fact that you only have a handful of songs that you feel are ready to record shouldn’t stop you from starting the process. Back when I wrote about the biggest myths keeping you from recording your album, I mentioned that not having enough songs doesn’t mean you can’t begin recording your masterpiece. In fact, it may be even better to start laying down some tracks when you only have a few songs to work on. Here are a few reasons why:

You can better focus your creativity

Recording just a few songs allows you to think about only a few things at a time–which means you don’t have to worry about spreading yourself too thin while trying to deal with a whole album’s worth of material. Figuring out the background vocal harmonies on four songs is a much less daunting task than tackling a dozen songs!

Find your musical direction and vision

Many professional musicians don’t have a complete album when they go to record. Instead, they take the music they have and start working with top producers and collaborators who help them hone the direction and vision of the album. This is a good strategy, because if you simply go into a recording session with a full album, you might find that some of them don’t quite fit–and then you’re back to the drawing board again. Starting with a few songs will help you figure out what direction your music is heading in, thereby giving you focus and purpose as you write new material.

Stop putting off your project

It’s all too easy for musicians to say “I’ll record an album when…” But if you keep making excuses for why you shouldn’t start now, you may never start! There’s no rule that says you have to record your whole album all at once, so getting started is the first step to getting it finished.

Luckily, Studio Pros makes recording your album in different chunks incredibly easy and cost-effective. Instead of trying to book studio time over several weekends or worrying that you won’t have enough material to utilize the time you’ve paid for, we let you work around your own schedule, as your songs are ready, all from the comfort of your own home.  Not only that, but you get the added benefit of working with our professional producers who can help you achieve your musical vision.

Today is the day to start recording your masterwork, even if you’re not sure you have enough material yet–call Studio Pros today for a free project consultation from one of our producers!

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