Featured Artist: Elois Fuller

A well produced Christmas song can be marketable year after year. Cue this month’s featured artist, Elois Fuller. Elois contacted StudioPros to help her take her lyric ideas and transform them into a professionally produced song from the ground up.

Elois didn’t have any melodic ideas or a chord progression. The StudioPros talented session musicians took care of that for her. We went through our Step by Step Music production process by taking her lyrics and writing a custom chord progression and adding live instrumentation: drums, bass, guitars, keys and professional session vocals.

Check out the final result and see for yourself. What a wonderful Christmas song. Congrats!

“I am a lyricist and was online searching for a company that could put music to my lyrics. Collaborating with StudioPros was an easy process although not having done that type of thing I was not sure exactly what to expect. My producer was there every step of the way for guidance. I’m hoping to get it picked up for either a Christmas movie, commercials or perhaps on someone’s album.”

Do you have a song your looking to get professionally produced? Contact us TODAY to find out what we can do to take your ideas to the next level.

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