Featured Artist: Jimmy Jagessar

Meet Jimmy Jagessar. He’s the guy you see at a gas station offering his last penny to a homeless man out of pure compassion. Or the guy in line behind you who offers to pay for your groceries when you awkwardly realize your credit card is maxed out. Jimmy is a good Samaritan — he lives a life of selflessness, compassion, and empathy, all of which directly translate to his music. He uses his songs as a means to inspire, to bring a sense of positivity and encouragement to a community of people who really need that light during times of tragedy.

This brings me to a song we just wrapped up called “Live In Love”. It features StudioPros vocalists Evan and Stevie, along with a careful arrangement of live drums, live percussion, bass, guitars, and keyboard layers.

Take a listen and step into Jimmy’s shoes for just a few minutes.

Check out the Official Lyric Video for “Live In Love”

Recording with Professional Musicians

One of the biggest advantages of working with StudioPros on my song was having access to their world-class team of session musicians and a knowledgable, creative producer. This song came to me as a simple melody one morning when I woke up. I quickly grabbed my phone, recorded the melody down, and began jotting down lyrics. Once the song was solid, I recorded some scratch guitar chords and a rough vocal melody with my phone and sent the minute-long clip to Ethan.

He immediately knew what instruments we needed, who would sing on the track, and how it needed to be produced and arranged. It gave me piece of mind knowing that I could present a rough concept to StudioPros and really focus on my role as a songwriter. In turn, StudioPros could do their part by developing the song musically.

Working With A Music Producer Online

Working with Ethan made this whole process a lot easier for me, especially considering the whole operation is done online. It can be easy to come up with a melody and lyric, but to translate that into a big arrangement and production can be daunting. After listening to my rough concept once, Ethan knew exactly the vibe the song needed. He threw out words like ‘community’, ‘worldly’, ‘inspiration’, and all these other adjectives that perfectly summed up the vision and message I was trying to relay with the song.

He also knew how to translate this to the music — suggesting live percussion to give it a worldly vibe, male and female background vocals to give the track a sense of community participation and diversity, and a core rhythm section to get that upbeat, danceable energy.

The process allowed me to contribute not only as a songwriter, but also a producer. I would throw out my ideas and Ethan would offer his feedback and vice-versa. I never felt limited creatively and he really encouraged my participation as a songwriter/producer, welcoming all my ideas with an extremely open mind. It can be really hard to see the bigger picture of how a song might shape up, especially when instruments are recorded one at a time, but I trusted Ethan’s creative instincts and he brought the song to a place I never imagined.

The Inspiration Behind The Song “Live In Love”

“Live In Love” is about all the tragedy that’s going on in the world — the terrorism, racism, sexism — all the “isms” — and the horrible events that happen without rhyme or reason.

The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory — it’s all about living in love, blessing other people with your grace, being selfless, lending a hand, and coming together as a community in a time of need. 

Personally, I like to think I’m a very compassionate and spiritual person and so this song is a means to see the world through that lens. I hope it can encourage people to come together and be hopeful in spite of all the evil in the world.

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